Molester Teacher Wolfe: Gets off with a soft as butter handshake!

Assistant State Attorney Melissa Clark of Flagler County, no relation to Marcia  Clark of the  OJ Simpson case, other than perhaps kindred spirits of wet noodle prosecution, made a plea deal with James R. Wolfe that is difficult to believe.

Wolfe was charged with eight counts of Sexual Battery.  He plead out to one count under nolo contendere which essentially means Wolfe admitted no guilt but was not going to contest the charge. But what is amusing here is that he plead nolo to just one of the eight counts brought by Clark in the informational.  Clark dropped 7 of the 8 counts which should lead most legal system watchers to question whether these other 7 counts were even brought in good faith.  Bottom line:  It’s a plea deal suggesting in part that the State’s case was weak.

Apparently the former 16 year old student “victim” did not want to take the stand. The Sixth Amendment makes it a right for a person charged to confront their accuser.

So what does this tell the Citizens of Flagler County that send their children to schools where a teacher might turn them into sex play toys?  It says your children aren’t safe. It says the School Board  that has presided over multiple teacher student sex cases can continue to do nothing and get away with it.

As for James Reynolds Wolfe, no wonder he ‘s smiling.  In a few years many of the nolo cases will be overturned in the US Supreme Court because they are being treated as actual convictions and used for sentencing for future crimes.

Further, the entry of nolo contendere is not an admission of guilt and may not be used to support evidence in a civil action.

Florida Supreme Court allows the use of nolo to be treated as a guilty plea in the event a future crime occurs for sentencing purposes.  However there is some question as to whether this practice is Constitutional since nolo is not a guilty plea. More than likely it will be over time,  Mr. Wolfe will attack the nolo agreement collaterally.Let’s also say in complete fairness that while we at Lawn Nazi are unequivocally opposed to any form of Teacher Student sexual interaction, there is much about this case that is disturbing insofar as the conduct of the victim.  A failure to testify for fear of an opened trial assumes the court cannot maintain decorum.  Further,  the students that attend and attended Matanzas High School in Palm Coast are all well aware of the woman’s identity.  It is not a secret.  Perhaps this woman was afraid of being impeached as a witness.

Ms. Clark can put whatever spin she wants on the prosecution of the case but the fact appears she didn’t have much of a case because the star witness essentially bailed.  Of course Wolfe and his Attorney would not have known that.  So Clark cut a deal that was soft as butter. The previous Teacher Student molester case in 2008, landed that teacher seven years in prison.

Mr. Wolfe will remain under house arrest in his new home in St. Augustine for a few years then on probation.  Meanwhile for the incompetent Flagler County School board it will be business as usual; essentially doing nothing again to prevent then next Teacher Molester Case.

Parents beware sending your children to Molester High in Palm Coast.


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