U-Verse Fraud… check your bandwidth Palm Coast!

We at Lawnnazi, were recently given an FCC complaint involving AT&T internet services in Palm Coast.  According to a number of consumers, AT&T billed them for Ultra Services but delivered Lite, in some cases for years.

Palm Coast is a prime target for this type of fraud and U-Verse salespersons know it. They essentially promise you anything and then deliver coleslaw.  Because most Palm Coast residents are retired, they are not particularly heavy users of the internet. They rarely download much other than pictures and do email. They are prime targets for bandwidth fraud.

The trouble with being tech naive around AT&T is they will take you to the cleaners. Years ago before the original AT&T went belly up, they offered residential phone services.  Because Grandma was reluctant to venture out in a new phone provider, they stayed with AT&T and were billed sometimes 300% more for long distance calls than new customers.  These kinds of sharp’s practices are common with AT&T.

Five months ago AT&T was fined $150 million by the FCC for “throttling” bandwidth with 4G and 3G phones. More simply, they promised 4G and gave you 3G with impunity.  But don’t think that the FCC really showed AT&T anything.  AT&T welcomed the fine and laughed all the way to the bank.  AT&T made billions in profit “Throttling” consumers. And now the FCC turns a blind eye to the practice.

One reason why Palm Cost is a great location for scams like this and the Palm Coast Water company is that Palm Coast is essentially isolated.  There are no 4G hotspots, no WIFI hotspots, and about the only phone service that work in all of Palm Coast to Bunnell is AT&T.

As for internet, you have three choices, some kind of dialup which is very slow, Brighthouse Cable, and AT&T.  Brighthouse could compete by supply large bandwith but they don’t. There is no real incentive to compete.  Cable is trying to sell you 300 channels of nothing and internet is on the back burner. This is rather stupid because even HBO is now defecting and moving to the direct streaming services like Netflix and Roku.

Of course you could use satellite internet but it is expensive especially if you download a lot of data.

AT&T on the other hand will gladly charge you for high speed internet, which by comparison to cable speeds amounts to travel by covered wagon. But AT&T seems to profit by selling you higher bandwidth services and cutting your real bandwidth in half.

CHECK YOUR AT&T speed today…

Don’t use the AT&T speed check. For some reason speeds are always faster… LOL

Use instead:  http://www.speedtest.net/

Once you test your speed and realize it is much slower than what you contracted for, you need to call AT&T and demand a refund.  Also you need to file an FCC complaint.

File a complaint with the FCC… online


The FCC is a typical gov entity doing the most nothing as possible… just like the Gov of Palm Coast that has left citizen’s trapped in this low tech environment. We have worse internet options than they have in Bulgaria.  Palm Coast is a great place to let your mind die before your body dies and have your pocket’s picked by AT&T.

As for cell phone services many in Palm Coast reluctantly have AT&T because they have the only coverage that can reach west of Route 1.  But there is a prepaid alternative and you can use your same phone number and phone.  It is H2O wireless. This company actually uses the AT&T backbone but the service is cheaper. The funny thing is that when you call AT&T up on your H2O wireless phone, AT&T thinks you are using an AT&T phone. Sims chips and your phone are the same. So the shift is easy.

Bottom line, AT&T has a long history of advantaging low tech customers and customers trapped in low tech places like Palm Coast. nevertheless there are alternative and I can tell you from personal experience, getting away from AT&T just makes you feel great.

And if you are old like a lot of residents of Palm Coast, prepaid cell service is the way to go because if you die, AT&T will be billing your bank account until your children pilfer it, could be up to two years until your estate is settled.  This also applies to your Palm Coast water bill and if you have a running toilet, they could be putting a lien on your house for $400 a month.





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