Palm Coast’s Latest Enemy: The Oak Tree!

“No matter what the cost we will get rid of the live oaks”, said Mitch Cverkoff. “Even if we have to float another Landscaping Bond to the stupid public.”

The endless landscaping infrastructure has moved from the insane to the sublimely insane.  Palm Coast with its army of gov employees all destined for gov pension heaven; diggers, mowers, Palm Coast Pickup trucks [all new by the way], tractors, mowers, have converged on the western Palm Coast Parkway medium with vengeance: These native Oak trees have to go and must be replaced by palm trees which are not native to the region and which will freeze and die in most fifth year hard freezes. How utterly stupid!

It is not enough that the community has suffered the worst real estate and construction crash in history, Palm Coast has to find new ways to waste taxpayer money with landscaping infrastructure which is nothing more than a black hole that siphons off taxpayer dollars both with the installation but later with the rising cost of gov maintenance which by the way is much more costly than contracting out the upkeep to private landscaping companies.  Either way its a bust!

Each one of these Landscape adventures also requires lots of expensive Palm Coast water, billed to the taxpayers at the highest rate in the state.  This is a real scam. The incorporation of Palm Coast set up a government parasite that feeds and expands massively and is adverse to the will of the taxpayers.

Palm Coast gov employees have expanded 500% since the incorporation and nothing has improved. In fact, between the “Big Brother” highway and intersection cameras being installed everywhere and an overt anti-business anti-competition effort by the City, the costs of everything has risen but the quality of the services has declined.  The arrogance and downright snippyness of the Gov employees has skyrocketed. They are for the most part pricks.

But that is just the tip of the ice berg. The lavish perks the outrageous salaries of the elected officials are trumped in cost by a more lavish state guaranteed pension system. And if the pension system invests poorly, no problem, the law says the taxpayer must pick up the short fall!

But be glad you are not a Florida native Oak Tree. Oak Trees and centipede grass require no water and very little maintenance. But Palm Coast Politicians, the intellectual bottom rung, figure Gov should abuse the taxpayers whenever possible.

Palm Coast’s Plant life watering truck. Watching over the lives of each $8000 palm tree at least until the next freeze when they all die. How safe and secure they must feel knowing that Palm Coast will spare no expense to keep wasting taxpayer  money with this insane Florida Unfriendly Landscaping.


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  1. On November 20th, 2013 at 8:47 pm , Victoria said...

    You can’t fix stupid and most government employees are just that, they couldn’t get a real job producing anything of value so they produce nothing and live off of taxpayers. Fire the lot of them.

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