How do you lose 2 school buses? Negligence with ZERO Accountability!

No Problem… the School is insured [Self-Insured]; meaning no problem the Taxpayers will just buy two new buses…

When taxpayers foot the bill, caring for the property is a joke.  And if you lose it through negligence or pure stupidity, no problem, the taxpayer will get stuck with the bill.

The Facts: Two late model Flagler County School District School Buses were removed from the Flagler County School Bus Depot adjacent to Palm Coast High School at roughly 9PM on July 27th 2013.

The Flagler County Police have suggested that the Bluebird buses were “hot-wired” and driven west on Moody where they disappeared into the night. Apparently the buses GPS systems were disabled. [That should make parents very concerned.]

Interestingly enough, the School District didn’t report the missing buses for days. Why? They simply didn’t find out about it. They didn’t even check the surveillance tapes until days after the buses were discovered  missing. Perhaps a more apt expression is no accountability.

Not only was the security lax, the video below shows the ease with which the buses were taken from the “Flagler County School District Bus Depot.” What kind of security is this? They say the GPS was disabled in seconds. Again I stress, this should alarm parents.  But nobody at the School District is alarmed.

There is an assumption that the buses were stolen but that might not be the case. If it was an inside job and these were persons privileged to move the buses around then its embezzlement not grand theft auto. Plus they might have had keys. The assumption that the buses were stolen is unfounded.

But of course the good news is that the buses are insured by the “consortium” but nobody knows how much the “consortium” will pay for the buses. The School District paid over $100,000 for the buses and present value, according to the school, is that they are worth about $60,000 but I doubt you will hear about any settlement because it will likely be much less.  Our independent price analysis places the bus values at $48,000 apiece. Thus the Districts losses will be much larger than stated but with no accountability what’s $24,000 of additional losses to the Taxpayer? Its chump change.

So look on the bright side, this will only cost the taxpayers a mere $104,000 initially, or more. But then Flagler County School Board will want to buy two new buses to replace the missing buses and that will only cost about $250,000. Money is like water from a Palm Coast City sprinkler system watering the medium, taxpayers suck it up.

Another good things is that with no accountability at the School Board, nobody will lose their jobs. The taxpayers can pick up the tab for that too, along with pensions, and healthcare.  In fact, any enhanced security costs for the Board’s own ongoing negligence will be giggled off to the taxpayers.  Its a real party.

The School Board has become long time entrenched politicians and some with a lot of personal baggage who take no responsibility for anything.  We have multiple teacher student sexual molestation cases, a couple of missing school buses, a disturbing breach of security,  simple dismantling of a school bus GPS, BUT its business as usual for the rent collectors. In fact the school board has approved the purchase of five new buses this year and now they can make it seven.

Enough money is going to be lost off this completely unnecessary and avoidable bus loss fiasco to double the cost of this already mismanaged system. Layers upon layers of administration and NOBODY is held Accountable, least of all the School Board.  In spite of this endless mismanagement their is no discussion about letting one of the large private school transportation firms take over this bottomless pit.  At least with a contract you have some accountability and cost containment. With the Flagler County School Board it is just a free for all.

With Flagler County School District running the show you have no accountability, no security, no GPS, No VHS radio, no cost containment, and two missing school buses. The school as quick to point out the good news, the silver lining… “Nobody will be losing their gov job or pension over the loss of a couple of buses; there are plenty more buses where they came from and we even have some extras.”

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Department is diligently trying to solve this alleged crime

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