Palm Coast Water Bills Skyrocket! Most Expensive in Florida!

The great promise was that the City of Palm Coast would not only improve water services and delivery from the formerly private sector utility but they would keep water costs down.  The result is an abysmal disaster with Palm Coast now achieving the award for the most expensive water in Florida; up over 500% with no end in sight.  Socialist Apparatchiks promise the world but deliver Detroit.

There is no accountability for this Government utility business, no Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) used by any of the City’s activities.  They write in their own increased rates with total impunity to the taxpayer.  Even more incredible, during this horrific recession and dull recovery, Palm Coast Utilities has actually expanded employees, increased salaries, increased pensions, and provided “bonuses” for employees as if this operation was a private sector company engaged in competition.  And they did in spite of a reduced Palm Coast population! They are bilking the taxpayer dry.

Think about bonuses for a minute. Aren’t these government employees paid to deliver a service to residents? It’s not like they are a competitive business that rewards employees for growing the business. These guys are just dipping into the taxpayers pockets; they don’t grow anything but overhread. This is nothing more than theft and they call it bonuses.

They make those services mandatory. That is a tax! Each home must pay a water and sewage and garbage bill even if they don’t use any of the services.  It is just like a school board tax to an individual with no kids.  It is a tax just like a property tax. It is not apportioned according to use, it is merely written into the code. On top of that, they penalize anyone for using more than their base allocation. And if you are watering your shrubs by demand of the Lawn Nazis, then you have to pay a sewer charge under the completely false assumption that all the water is going down the drain. They know this is completely false attribution.  It is by definition a local government tax, you pay for it whether you use it or not.  But if you say this they say “No Way” and the only reason they say this is because the CITY has no taxing authority whatsoever!  Only the state has taxing authority!  But Palm Coast is happy to cheat you with impunity because they have a lot of sleepy retirees that somehow distrust private enterprise and extoll virtues on government to deliver services.  I guess they were sleeping too when they heard that the US Postal Service lost $16 Billion in the first quarter.  Meanwhile UPS and Fed X had banner quarters.

There is not a single example in the United States where a Government utility delivers a better or more cost effective or competitive value compared to private enterprise.  Since Palm Coast now has the most expensive water in Florida and delivers the least competitive service, they need an outside audit. That audit should not just confirm the obvious that the Palm Coast Government employee is living fat off the taxpayer but it should be compared to private sector companies and brought in line and forced to drive prices down. Alternatively, and more appropriately, utilities should be privatized and invite competition.

This corrupt Palm Coast operation should be replaced because it lacks oversight. The City does what it wants.  Its lavish and absurd landscaping is extravagant and out of sync with conservation and the Florida Friendly Landscaping principles.  Palm Coast has instances where they have underground sprinklers watering Oak trees. And who hasn’t seen the sprinklers near Pubix shooting skyward during heavy rainstorms.  Palm Coast is advantaging the taxpayer and taxpayers are powerless against this Socialist thug government mentality.

Politicians, all come from the same mold, virtually all former government employees and bureaucrats, walk over the will of taxpayers with impunity. The built in overhead of the City due to its love affair with inefficient and excessive useless landscaping has pressed down on the taxpayer with massive overhead which has driven up the cost of water to the point where Palm Coast has the least affordable water in the state.  Palm Cost uses too much water and they charge taxpayers at full rates.  It is a taxing scam. The more inefficient they become with water delivery, the more they bill the taxpayers. They are bilking you coming and going.

So what can be done? Plenty and in weeks to come I will provide legal solutions such as filing Qui Tam suits, and injunctive suits against false water billing and double billing, a common practice by this City. Also no less than 2% of the meters are malfunctioning resulting in over-billing. They don’t even audit their own equipment.  Over 400 homes are being charged each month for water they are not using.

One other thing you can do is unload the political regime that has brought this down on you.  We know who that is!  Voting for Bureaucrats on the grounds that they have experience in government is insane. They only know how to grow government to expand its reach. Palm Coast has no large business entities. Their so called “industrial park” is now occupied by mostly government entities; they should rename it “Government Park” or “Socialist Park”.  It’s completely unproductive and it does nothing to contribute to the local Gross Domestic Product. All Government adds is overhead and costs. With Government’s lavish perks and pensions, they add additional forward going overhead that will convert Palm Coast into the next bankrupt Detroit.

When Palm Cost became the house flipping capital of the country, this government took in money and spent big. We are now stuck with the overhead. We are stuck with excessive gov. employees, excessive spending on infrastructure and this landscaping madness.  They have codes for everything. They think they are an HOA but you have no HOA. There is no contract for any of this massive government intrusion into your lives.

The Mayor of Palm Coast has a salary larger than any Governor in any state in the United States! Clearly we must be paying him by the pound, or more accurately, he and his fellow politicians are paying themselves by the pound. Those salaries are greater by many times than the highest paid private sector job in the County. That’s obscene.   He has brought this down on you. He is a master at building big fat bloated government and the attending forward rising overhead.  We need reform. This is the most invasive and unconstitutional local government I have ever seen anywhere. It is an unlawful abuse of power.

The Palm Coast Government is destroying your property values. At present rates, in four short years, the base water, sewer and garbage bill will be over $1600 a year.  Not a problem if you collect a big fat paycheck and pension like the Mayor;  he’s all smiles. There is nobody confronting this City or its politicians and holding them accountable.  Well, at least not until now.

Strap on your seat belts. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!











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  1. On December 7th, 2013 at 2:01 am , Sally said...

    WAY TO GO!!!! Go get them for ALL OF US!!! We are TIRED of being bullied & ripped off! They think we are stupid, but we are SMART! CLEAN HOUSE ON THEM! Thank you for creating this awareness website for all to see. Needs more publicity so people know about it….

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