What is a Florida Friendly Landscape?

It is whatever you want it to be! The appearance is up to you. That in an of itself irks Palm Coast more than anything else.  Palm Coast is a town with cheap taste.  They like St. Augustine grass, and sprinklers roaring at sunset. Palm Cost actually limits the amount of your yard that you can use Florida Friendly Landscaping. They limit it to 60%. The 40% is expected to be the 1980s style competitive chemical lawn.  For Palm Coast it is all about this ridiculous 1980s version of aesthetics.

Plant life in Palm Cost is gaudy, unattractive and excessive as a 1970s style retirement.  Even oak trees have their own sprinkler heads and when it rains, Palm Coast is watering the public areas with a total disregard for wasting the water during the rain. But then again, they aren’t paying for it; you are.  But don’t you do that because the local jackbooted  Police and Code Enforcement will come down hard on you, like thugs in the night.

Here is a nice video describing the 9 principles of Florida Friendly Landscaping. You will note that Palm Coast uses words such as Environment in vague ways that help them circumnavigate the State Law. Everything about Palm Coast is the cheap veneer of doing the most nothing as possible and continuing to attack citizens whenever possible. Residents come to Palm Coast only by accident. It is an angry town run by a Government that thinks it is an HOA.

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