The State Law Palm Coast Doesn’t want you to know about

Senate Bill 2080 is the law in Florida. Palm Coast thinks they are privileged to ignore it.  They are in denial and every time they enforce one of their local rules that violates your rights,  they commit a criminal malicious prosecution and they should go to jail for it.

The SB 2080 passed into law in 2009 was intended to prevent overbearing bullies like Palm Coast and HOAs that make up a lot of mindless non-scientific rules about lawns, grasses, swales and watering from enforcing covenants or ordinances that would bar the implementation of a Florida Friendly Landscape, either the methods or the means.

“A deed restriction or covenant may not prohibit or be enforced so as to prohibit any property owner from implementing Florida-friendly landscaping landscape on his or her land or create any requirement or limitation in conflict with any provision.”

“A local government ordinance may not prohibit or be enforced so as to prohibit any property owner from implementing Florida-friendly landscaping on his or her land or create any requirement or limitation in conflict with any provision.”

Senate Bill 2080 is the controlling LAW IN FLORIDA

SB 2080 gives the homeowner not only the RIGHT to implement a Florida Friendly Landscape but serves notice on leviathan towns like Palm Coast and HOA’s that they may NOT enforce covenants or ordinances or rules that in any way inhibit a property owners RIGHT to a Florida Friendly Landscape.  Further the law demands that ordinances and rules meet scientific scrutiny.

In Palm Coast, the idiots think that their narrow view of aesthetics is more important. So they opt for the manicured St. Augustine grass look with sprinklers rocketing skyward keeping the lawn green at any cost.

Their idea of a swale is to flow water as fast as possible directly into the salt water canals so it doesn’t inconvenience them. The delicate ecosystem of the canals, home of Manatee and dolphins and teaming with sea life is ignored entirely.  And none of their approach makes any scientific sense.

Florida Friendly Landscaping goes beyond the University of Colorodo term xeriscaping. In fact the State Law expressly removed the term xeriscaping because Florida Friendly Landscaping goes far beyond mere water conservation.  It approaches the process as “Right plant, Right place”.

Because Palm Coast has the word “Palm” in its name, the city gov big spenders, have decided that Palm trees are something that they should import into our region. Unfortunately, this is wrong plant, wrong place.

A Medjool or Canary Island Date Palm will be killed by freezes that come every three years. Palm Coast Taxpayers have footed the bill for this idiocy as row on row of government planted palm trees have frozen and perished in our more temperate climate.  Has that stopped Palm Coast politicians from reaching into the taxpayers pockets for this lunacy? Of course not. They approve of it even though those trees are entirely unsuitable for our region.  They don’t care; to them the taxpayer is their slave footing the bill for their insane aesthetic delusion and paying for the lavish salaries of the bureaucrats and their full retirement pensions.  There is no scientific merit in that either!

What is a Florida Friendly lawn? It might be grass and it might be ground cover. There are five suitable turf grasses that are regarded as Florida Friendly and a plethora of ground cover.

Many citizens are hounded by code enforcement over those little yellow flowers and the blue twin flower snap dragons.  Code enforcement calls them weeds. Once again their ignorance surpasses the sublime. Peanut and Twinflower are Florida Friendly ground covers. In fact Twinflower is a true Florida Native Wildflower.  It forms a heavy root system that is virtually impervious to all weather conditions, be it drought or flooding.

Yet Palm Coast Code Enforcement will call them weeds. In fact, Palm Coast introduced peanut cover on the medians and birds spread it far and wide through the city.  That is why peanut cover is everywhere. The City brought it in and now they prosecute you for what they did.

How does Palm Coast respond? They respond like a bully of course and threaten to mow your grass and make you pay $1800 dollars as the town stooges converge on your property preforming labor at 80 times the cost that a commercial mowing company would charge.  Palm Coast bullies love to threaten citizens.  In fact, they are not privileged at all to step on your property and cut a single flower.  It is malicious prosecution and it is in directly violation to the State Law both expressly and in terms of the inspiration of the law and its criminal conduct; they could do jail time!

You don’t have to be a tree hugger to understand the benefits of this law. It is simply optional. If you still want your St. Augustine lawn and sprinklers blowing skyward then that’s your choice but this bill allows Florida Friendly Landscapes to be your choice too without suffering the will of the local idiots.  Florida Friendly Landscaping is all about free choice.

But just remember this, Lawn Nazis don’t want you to have any free choice. They want to dictate and rule by force. SB 2080 puts an end to that. Palm Coast naturally has no mention of SB 2009 in its many pages of canned and unconstitutional ordinances.







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